Mikkel Andersen made his debut in 2009 with his solo-album ”El Llanto de la Guitarra,” which was immediately hailed as ”This week’s CD” by Danish Radio. The CD also caught the attention of both the public and concert promoters in Denmark and abroad, launching Mikkel’s international career.

Mikkel Andersen

Mikkel’s playing incorporates an intimacy, which draws his listeners up close, enchanting them with the technique of a virtuoso, his sublime musicality and a secure sense of style.

Listen to some excerpts from Mikkel’s repertoire:


Canco del lladre


El negrito

El testament

Julia Florida

Just a little



Praeludium 5

Praeludium 1


Vals op 8



18/11 - 2018, kl. 15:00
Solokoncert i Gl. Holte Kirke
Gl. Holte Kirke

11/12 - 2018, kl. 19:30
Solokoncert Stevn
Højerup Kirke

09/05 - 2019, kl. 19:00
Musik i aftenrøden - guitarens poesi
Herlev Kirke